Five Toxic Items To Keep Out Of Landfills

When you are trying to get rid of items from your home or place of work, it is essential that you find the proper place to dispose of them. To get this right, and to avoid any environmental or other issues, it is important to take special care of items that may be toxic.

While some items are clearly toxic, others might be a bit harder to identify. Therefore, you will need to put in careful attention and forethought when deciding what is considered toxic.

Here are five toxic items to keep out of landfills. Make sure to take extra care when disposing of them.


Whether you have been renovating your home or office, or you have just found some old paint that you need to dispose of, you have to take great care here.

Paint can not just go in the normal trash, because the fumes can make an interior unsafe to be in. Likewise, if you were to dispose of paint in a landfill, you could cause serious harm to the wider environment. For that reason, be careful if you are trying to get rid of any paint – even if it is just a little at the bottom of a can.


It might come as no surprise that electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing types out there. One of the main issues with disposing of electronics is lithium-ion batteries, as are found in many types of electrical devices. These batteries pose a risk to the natural world if left alone, and can be a health hazard to those handling them at landfills.


In fact, batteries are so dangerous that it is worth taking a look at them in their own regard. Because they usually contain highly toxic chemicals – lead, cadmium, and so on – you need to make sure you are not simply throwing them away with the usual trash to end up at the landfill. Some batteries contain sulfur too, which is known to cause damage to vital organs. Other batteries are less toxic; however, you need to check each individual case to see how you can get rid of them.


You need to be extremely careful if you have any oil to remove from your home. If you put it into your normal garbage, you could be posing not only a health risk to yourself and others but also a potential fire safety risk, as oil is incredibly flammable in even small quantities. Pouring it down your drain could also cause the pipes to melt.


Mercury may not seem like something you use in your daily life; however, you are probably using some right now as you read these words, because there is some mercury in most computer screens.

Mercury poisoning can be fatal; therefore, you need to take care to ensure you are disposing of this substance properly, and not at a landfill.

If you have any of these toxic items to keep out of landfills that you want to dispose of, the best way is to contact Waste Solutions USA, who can help you with doing so.

Waste Solutions USA can provide you with high-quality roll-off dumpsters to help with disposing of toxic items that should not be placed in landfills. With years of experience providing roll-off dumpsters in the Greater Houston Area, our firm ensures that your project requirements, especially waste management, get taken care of in an efficient manner. Feel free to call/text/email Waste Solutions USA for your waste hauling needs. We will discuss your options for size, placement, and date of delivery for your dumpster. Waste Solutions USA would love to earn your business!

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