Mistakes To Avoid When Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

With the holidays approaching, it may be a good time to renovate the kitchen to impress family and friends who may visit. While renovating the whole kitchen may not be on your bucket list, cleaning out your old kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones can definitely bring a fresh look to your kitchen.

When installing new kitchen cabinets, mistakes can happen that can cause the installation process to become harder than it needs to be. However, with proper planning, measuring, and attention to detail, you can avoid major problems that can cause a fun renovation project to become a mess.

Before starting your kitchen renovation project, make sure you have a plan for how you will dispose of your old kitchen cabinets. Specifically, rent a roll-off dumpster from Waste Solutions USA. With a dumpster, you only have to worry about throwing your old cabinets into the dumpster; we will take care of dropping and taking the dumpster to the dump for you.

Here are a few mistakes you should keep in mind to avoid before you begin installing your new kitchen cabinets!

Do A Pre-Inspection Of Your Cabinetry

When you first get your cabinets, it is important to thoroughly check them for any problems and defects they may have. Additionally, you should make sure they are the correct size. Taking this extra step can help avoid installing defective cabinets or spending time trying to install cabinets that are not the perfect size for your kitchen. If you do find any problems, you should immediately return them and get new cabinets.

Check For Any Electrical Or Plumbing Work You May Need

While working on a cabinet remodeling project, electrical wiring and plumbing may be the last thing you think of. However, it is important to plan the plumbing and electrical aspects of your kitchen before you begin installing your cabinets. Specifically, in regards to electrical wiring, decide on whether you want to have lighting on your cabinets and plan for how you will install those lights on your cabinets.

For your kitchen’s plumbing, you need to plan out how you will install appliances like dishwashers, sinks, etc., with your new cabinets.

While planning for electrical wiring and plumbing will take a little extra time, they will be worth it when your start your project and have it all figured out from before.

Make sure your cabinets are not unleveled-

No matter what type of kitchen cabinet you install, they have to be leveled. Installing the cabinets and ensuring they are leveled can be a daunting and difficult task; however, it is something that needs to be done. Unfortunately, lining up the cabinets can become a bit more difficult if you have old flooring and walls. Even though it may not seem like that big of a difference, unleveled cabinets have an odd look that can really draw attention to the eyes.

Check to make sure you have the right cabinet spacers

Cabinet spacers are an important part of the kitchen, and it is important to have spacers that match the color of your cabinets. This is a very important task that should be taken care of before you begin installing your cabinets. If you find that your cabinets are not properly finished, you should stain some extra slats of wood so they are there when you begin to install the cabinets. Remember, do not leave checking the spacers and staining them for the last minute!

Before beginning your cabinet installation project, make sure you have a reliable partner to help you dispose of your old cabinets. Specifically, Waste Solutions USA can provide you with a quality roll-off dumpster to help with taking your old cabinets to the dump. We will help you ease the process of your dumpster rental as much as possible. Feel free to call/text/email Waste Solutions USA for your waste hauling needs. We will discuss your options for size, placement, and date of delivery for your dumpster. Waste Solutions USA would love to earn your business!

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