On-site vs. Off-site Sorting: Which Construction Waste Method Is Best?

As construction firms and household renovators look to increase their sustainability and manage their construction waste in the best, most forward-thinking manner, recycling has become the name of the game.

The proper storage and handling of construction waste is the crucial first step in this process, and it requires thorough, convenient solutions companies can employ at scale.

The first decision to make involves your long-term recycling goals. This includes finding recycling and waste estimates in your management plan, as well as choosing between on-site and off-site sorting.

On-site recycling involves several roll-off dumpsters, separating the materials there and then. This is then shipped to the appropriate facilities that arrange and recycle the given materials.

Off-site recycling places all of these materials within the same dumpster, and that is then hauled to a transfer station, where separation of the materials into landfill waste and recyclable materials takes place.

What are the benefits of on-site vs. off-site materials sorting?

Off-site recycling:

  • Off-site recycling is cheaper, requires less roll-off dumpsters and drivers to haul, and can require fewer bins, taking up less space than the alternative on-site.
  • It is more convenient, due to on-site recycling requiring training, proper care, and handling of separated materials. This can also reduce the general footfall traffic on your construction site.
  • It can help some firms focus on recycling where they otherwise may not, due to the easier logistics and planning.
  • Off-site sorting offers its own environmental contribution by simply requiring less trucks on-site.

On-site recycling:

  • On-site recycling can grant you a better recycling tax rebate, as this lessens the workload further down the chain. This can also be used as a competent marketing tactic, showcasing the lengths you go to in order to enhance your sustainability as a firm. An increasing number of clients care about this.
  • On-site recycling is best if local sorting facilities are further away, or less convenient to get to.
  • On-site sorting can yield a higher degree of sorting flexibility and becomes a great logistical habit for businesses to get into.

No matter which you choose, roll-off dumpsters are far and away the best means of storing and safely removing debris and materials from your construction site.

Ensuring you hire enough roll-off dumpsters to make sure that materials are safely and appropriately handled will improve the environmental considerations more than anything else.

If you need expert guidance on which method to go with, Waste Solutions USA can help. Simply give us a call and we’ll help guide you on which method works for you based on your budget and needs.

Choose Waste Solutions USA for all of your roll-off dumpster needs

Perfect preparation and planning are essential for construction success, and Waste Solutions USA has learned this through years of experience in the waste management and debris-hauling business.

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