Simple Waste Management Techniques that you can implement?

Choices we make every day have a direct impact on our climate. Have you ever wondered what is your carbon footprint is? What is the amount of waste you generate on a daily basis?

These things might seem small and insignificant but have bigger impacts which we all experience in the form of climate change, global warming, ever increasing dumpsites etc.

From using single-use items such as tissues, plastic straws to everyday disposal of coffee cups to giving into the trend of fast fashion to taking separate shopping bags for all your grocery purchase. There are multiple instances that we over look while we can be mindful of the choices we make on daily basis.

Join us on this interesting read on how we can make a few changes in our life related to controlling waste management, which can then contribute to a bigger purpose of a cleaner and greener environment.

The Three R’s


The initial step you can take as an individual is ‘Reduce’. Before choosing anything, ask yourself questions; Whether or not I can have a better, environmental friendly alternate to this? This way you can make rational decisions for yourself for reducing waste.

  • Carry a re-usable water bottle that you carry with you rather than purchasing one
  • Keep a re-usable straw, napkin, coffee mugs, and tote-bags for multiple uses.


The second most common phenomenon is ‘Re-using’. Its purpose is to increase longevity of the product use. Some examples may include:

  • Donate clothes rather than discarding them. Thrift shopping, in this regard, has now emerged as a popular trend. Sell things that might be of no use to you on forums like buy/sell/swap.
  • DIY projects – Make use of existing products to create something completely new and useful


Re-cycling includes transforming waste materials into useful products. You can play your part in this with:

  • Discarding items like plastic, paper and tin in their designated trash bins
  • Volunteering for community programs that take clean-up initiatives for effective waste management and local recycling

How Composting Takes Place

This is an eco-friendly way to manage household waste. Dig up a 12-14 inch hole in your backyard or any suitable place and put vegetable and fruit peels, egg shells, teabags and other items in it. This will ensure safe and efficient waste management.

What is Proper Disposal

It is extremely important to understand what are the different types of waste materials and various nuances of waste disposal. E-waste is a prime example of waste which needs to be administered with proper care and guidance. Find places or people who you can hand over batteries and phone which are of no use to you.

Final Takeaway

Be mindful of your everyday choices. Pro-actively choose to reduce, re-use, and re-cycle for a more eco-friendly environment. Advocate and teach people around you on this topic. Hire a reliable service for all your waste disposal needs.

Visit Waste Solutions USA for all your waste-related queries and we are here to assist you. Take charge! Take responsibility! Talk to us now on (832) 808-4755

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