The Difference Between Trash And Garbage

In general terms “garbage” or “trash” is the waste you remove from your house, but there is a difference between them. They are two different terms for two different types of wastes.


Garbage is the litter coming out from the kitchen and bathroom. Basically, it consists of organic waste, food waste, clothing, food containers, paper waste, etc. Different organizations like Waste Control Department or the City sanitation Department work to pick it up. Once all the household garbage and paper waste are collected, it is sent to the Waste-to-Energy Facility.


All the trash that comes from your home or garage other than the one coming from the bathroom and kitchen is the trash. It can be twigs, leaves, grass clippings, old furniture, carpets, and other things lying under the category of hazardous household waste. Picking up trash is the responsibility of different authorities of the city, and sometimes the County’s Commissioner’s office hires contractors to do so.

After the trash is collected, it is sent either to the landfills or to the Waste-to-Energy facility. The waste that goes to the landfill includes demolition debris, construction debris, tree limbs, stumps, furniture, cabinets, and appliances. The remaining waste, such as burnable items, tires go to the Waste-to-Energy facility.

Wastes like pipes, roofing, wallboards, sheetrock, wood pallets, wiring, stone, soil, building metals, etc come under the trash section and you need to sell them to the landfills. You can take the waste to the landfills on certain days and timings and sell them at a particular price. The authorities will determine the charges and send waste to appropriate disposal facilities.

We hope you now have a clear idea that how trash and garbage are different. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Waste Solutions USA. Just give us a call at (832) 808-4755.

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