Updating Your Cabin For The Winter Season

Cabin fever is real, and the winter season brings with it a longing for snow-covered hillsides. If you’re looking to get out of town this winter, consider updating your cabin before departure. Here are some ideas:


A new coat of paint will give a worn-out exterior a fresh look, reviving the building’s appearance by making its color brighter and more vivid without altering the original design style of the structure itself. However, it is important to note that no matter what type of paint you use on your house, walls should always be primed first with primer before painting over them once again. Even if they have been painted earlier but were never given any sort of protection, the new paint job will quickly start to chip and peel.

Door Hardware

Changing outdated door hardware is another quick and easy way to update your cabin. This can be as simple as swapping out old knobs and pulls for new ones in a different finish or style. Hardware stores carry a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary styles to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that will fit the look you’re going for.


If your cabin has wooden siding, consider staining or painting it instead of leaving it its natural color. This will give it a fresh look while also protecting it from weathering and age. After finishing up, be sure to use a sealant to further preserve the wood and keep it looking its best.

More Nature

Potted plants are an excellent way to make your cabin feel more inviting, especially if you have a porch or deck where they can be displayed. Whether you put them on the steps leading up to your front door or outside of windows that face inward towards the structure itself, the addition will brighten up any room and bring added color into it as well.

Accent Walls

There is no reason why painting has to stay limited to just one wall in your cabin. Specifically, try painting other walls around your cabin with different colors than before while still maintaining consistency through matching shades and tones. Additionally, go for a completely different look altogether by opting for a two-tone paint job.

Online Shopping

One downside to living in a rural area is that you can sometimes be quite limited in shopping options, which might make it difficult to find the perfect decorative pieces and accessories to help update your cabin’s interior design. If this happens to be the case for you, consider looking online instead. There are countless websites out there that offer unique home decor items at affordable prices, so it will be easy to find something that suits your style without breaking the bank in the process.

Light Fixtures

If you have already touched on the paint of your cabin, try updating it by putting in new lights. Specifically, this could mean anything from replacing an old ceiling fan with something more stylish and modern to adding new lamps and sconces to different areas of the house. Not only will this make your cabin feel more like home, but it can also be a great way to add some extra personality and character to the space.


One way to make your cabin’s interior feel warmer and cozier is by installing new flooring. This could be anything from carpet to hardwood floors or even a nice rug that will help define specific spaces within the overall layout of the house. Plus, if you have kids (or pets) who are always tracking dirt inside, then having an easy-to-clean floor surface will definitely come in handy.

Focal Point Fireplace

If your cabin happens to have a fireplace, using it as a focal point for decorating is a great way to give the room a more finished and polished look. You can do this by adding different accessories such as paintings, mirrors, or even shelves to the mantelpiece or by displaying seasonal items like pinecones near the fireplace itself.

Revive The Exterior

Last but not least, don’t forget about the outside of your cabin. There are many ways to give it a new look without spending too much money, such as painting the trim around doors and windows in a contrasting color, installing new roofing material (such as metal), or planting some flowers or shrubs near the entrance.

Top Tip

When you decide to start your update project, ensure that you have all the tools and materials ready—paint, stain, fixtures, and brushes. Specifically, make your list meticulously to make sure that you forget nothing. Additionally, make sure you rent a roll-off dumpster from Waste Solutions USA in order to make the clean-up process as easy as possible. Because your cabin can be between nowhere and tranquility, the drive back and forth from the dumpsite might take longer than the project itself. For that reason, it is a good idea to get a dumpster from Waste Solutions USA in order to avoid the trip to the dump multiple times.

Updating your cabin doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With the help of a roll-off dumpster, you will only have to worry about renovating your cabin. Specifically, you will just need to throw in any waste or debris into your dumpster, and Waste Solutions USA will pick and drop off your dumpster for you so you do not have to go to the dump. As one of the best dumpster rental companies in the Houston, Texas area, we will help you ease the process of your dumpster rental as much as possible. Feel free to call/text/email Waste Solutions USA for your waste hauling needs. We will discuss your options for size, placement, and date of delivery for your dumpster. Waste Solutions USA would love to earn your business!

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