4 Different Types of Dumpsters to Choose From!

When was the last time you sat back and thought long and hard about your dumpster? We’re talking about size, shape, capacity, and everything else related to a trash can. Chances are, the answer is never. After all, no sane person sits around and thinks of where they discard their trash, right?

But believe it or not, knowing about the different types of dumpsters is really important. Whether for a construction project, a home remodeling task, or simple day-to-day waste, each scenario requires a different dumpster. To find out which dumpster fits your needs and specifications the most, keep on scrolling!

What is The Most Common Dumpster Size?

For most homeowners, a 15-yard dumpster is the ideal size. Even big businesses and contractors rely on these dumpsters’ big capacity, especially considering how they have a volume of 15 cubic yards. However, there are also other options, such as a smaller variation of 12 yards and a bigger alternative that can hold up to 20 cubic yards worth of waste matter.

Ultimately, you can choose from various types of dumpsters as long as it is convenient for you and is the safest when discarding debris.

Type of Dumpsters

If you’re looking to rent a dumpster but don’t know which one to get, take a look below. We have detailed four of the most common types of dumpsters that are better suited for your needs.

  1. Roll Off Dumpsters
    Roll-off dumpsters are really large. They typically have up to for yards worth of capacity. However, these dumpsters aren’t for regular usage. Instead, they are often found at construction sites to discard chunks of concrete, cement, etc. Due to their big size, it takes quite some time for them to fill up before being emptied, which means you can get more work done without worrying about taking out the trash.
  2. Front Load Dumpster
    These dumpsters are one of the most common types of dumpsters you’ll find. When they have to be emptied, they are loaded from the front of the truck, allowing the trash to slide down the hinged door easily, hence their name. Front-load dumpsters are quite compact and have a slanted hinged door at the top that can be propped open for discarding trash.
  3. Rear Load Dumpster
    A rear-load dumpster is the exact same as a front-load dumpster, with the exception of how it is emptied out. Even the overall shape and size of this dumpster are different, making it resemble a trapezoid. These types of dumpsters are tall and wide, with a slanted end, which allows them to hold a good amount of waste.
  4. Residential Dumpster
    Much like roll-off dumpsters, residential dumpsters work great for home renovation projects. These dumpsters can also be rented to throw away old furniture, torn-out wallpaper, and other junk from your house during a renovation.

Long Story Short

Dumpsters are an everyday necessity, which is why there are four major types of dumpsters. Each project calls for a different trash can. Whether it’s for your neighborhood waste disposal or a construction site cleanup, there is a wide variety of dumpsters to choose from. For more details on the matter, feel free to contact Waste Solutions USA at (832) 808-4755.

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