Do Dumpster Rentals Really Help Recycle Trash, or Do They Dispose it at a Landfill?

Recycling is an absolute must in the 21st century. Your carbon footprint plays a major role in shaping the earth’s environment, especially for future generations. That is why everyone is liable to dispose of their waste in a way that doesn’t affect the landfills. The more careful you are with your trash, the better it is for the environment. But how are you supposed to recycle if you have a rental dumpster? Is there any guarantee that your waste is properly disposed of? To find out whether or not dumpster rentals help recycle trash, continue reading this blog.

Where Does All The Trash Go In A Dumpster Rental?

Believe it or not, most dumpster rental companies have a multiple-step process when it comes to disposing of trash. Usually, the landfills collect all the waste before burying it underground. This is done to collect landfill gas, which is used as fuel to generate heat and electricity. However, since gas cannot be easily contained, some of it is bound to escape, adding to the worsening climate change.

The procedure of discarding trash is quite a lengthy one. It all starts with collecting the waste before taking it to the landfill so it can be gathered into large piles. These piles of trash are then slowly buried under the earth, squashing it all down so it remains compact. This is done to such an extent that any small crevice or opening is filled with sand so there is no threat of flooding. Lastly, a layer of clay is added on top to seal the trash underground, effectively keeping the moisture out. It is then this practice that aids in carbon emission, successfully turning waste to fuel.

Do Dumpster Rentals Recycle Trash?

Yes and no. Sure, there are some companies that take part in bettering the environment and going green. But there are also a handful of organizations that are focused on the money-making aspect. It all depends on the type of dumpster you choose and the rental company you hire.

Often dumpster rental companies provide recycling bins to encourage people to recycle in a certain area. This gives people ease of access, making them more inclined to recycle.

Different Ways a Dumpster Rental Can Help With Recycling

A dumpster rental company doesn’t just sort through the trash to ensure everything is properly recycled but also participates in the following activities.

  1. Specific Recycling Dumpster
    One of the most important things for a recycle-based dumpster rental is to provide people with specific trash cans for certain items. For instance, they should have separate bins for paper products, glass, plastic, and metal. This makes it easier for people to throw away their waste without accidentally mixing the items.
  2. Transfers Trash to a Recycling Plant
    When recycling, the waste doesn’t go to a landfill but rather to special recycling plants where each material is carefully analyzed before being picked.
  3. Proper Guidelines are Provided
    Lastly, it is essential for all dumpster rentals taking part in recycling to provide guidelines to the people. They can print out instructions on how to divide the trash and which waste item should go in which bin to avoid mishaps.

In Short

Dumpster rental companies are typically environmentally friendly. They support recycling and go out of their way to ensure the waste is being properly recycled. Thus, effectively saving the world. For more information on clean waste disposal, feel free to contact Waste Solutions USA at (832) 808-4755.

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