How Much Does A Rent A Dumpster Cost?

Most dumpster rental companies rent out their dumpsters for seven days. The cost varies on the location you are renting it from, the type of waste you will carry in it, the dumpster’s size, etc.

How To Make Sure You Do Not End Up Paying More

Several areas you look into and try that your dumpster rental costs do not go high:

  • Ensure that the load of the dumpster doesn’t exceed the allowed weight.
  • Stick to the rental period.
  • Do not dump any prohibited items in the dumpster.

The size of the dumpster determines how much weight will be allowed dumpster. You can check this information with the provider. Also, make sure these prohibited items are not mixed with regular waste products.

  • Paints
  • Home appliances containing Freon
  • Debris from Asbestos
  • Car and battery fluids
  • Tires
  • Food waste

How to Keep the Dumpster For Additional Days

If you are looking to keep the dumpster for longer than the contracted seven days, you will then charged on a daily fee structure. We suggest that you always plan and make sure you complete the job within the contracted period.

Rates vs. Service

You can easily choose a low-cost rent-a-dumpster, but it could also come with minimal services.

  • You might get a late delivery or an early pick-up.
  • The customer service is not supportive at the time of need.
  • There may be hidden fees that will directly show up on the bill.

This doesn’t mean that the cheapest dumpster is a bad choice but always do your due diligence before opting for any service. Some tips that can help you do so:

  • You should find out how long they have been in business.
  • Read their online reviews and see what customers say about them.
  • Assess the level of customer service.
  • Do they have the capacity to meet your needs?

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