How To Keep Your Dumpster Safe From Fire

A dumpster fire is quite popular these days because it refers to something that has gone wrong. However, dumpster fire means your dumpster is catching fire with flames and smoke, which can become a significant problem and can cause tremendous damage to the property or even loss of life.

A dumpster fire can quickly spread to surrounding areas, and the chances are that they can emit harmful fumes due to the garbage inside it. Hence it is critical to take preventive steps and ensure a dumpster fire doesn’t happen. Here are some tips for you to keep your dumpster safe from catching fires.

Do Not Place Flammable Chemicals in Dumpsters

If you do not know what inside a dumpster fires, it becomes difficult to put the fires because there are chances to get intense. A dumpster can handle only certain kinds of waste hence do not dispose of flammable chemicals or items saturated in those substances.

Be Careful When You Are Disposing of Dry Flammable Materials

You can dispose of cardboard boxes, paper, old carpeting, and certain building materials in your area’s dumpster. But you should be careful when working around a dumpster filled with these items.

Be Alert for Spontaneous Combustion

There are chances some items, when disposed of, can immediately catch themselves on fire. Certain organic waste products, like grass clippings, leaves, and compost, are some items that produce heat as they decompose.

Keep Dumpsters in Secured Areas

One other essential item on the list is to make sure your dumpster is in areas where it will be safe from tampering. Some thieves seek to ignite dumpsters just for fun or for other malicious reasons. And this is why you should place them behind a locked gate and fence whenever possible.

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