Top 3 Ways to Avoid Dumpster Overage Charges

Have you ever been overcharged by a dumpster company? For both a YES and a NO, preparing for it can help to avoid in the future.  The overage cost can occur if you overfill a dumpster, or the weight exceeds the maximum allowance. To avoid these extra charges, it is important to know the amount and type of junk before calling the dumpster company for a quote. A good rule of thumb is to gather information from at least 2-3 dumpster providers then go with the one the suits you best.

Described below are the top 3 tips that can help to ensure that your final bill does not include any extra amount other than the quoted one.

1. The right container size is a healthy price.

This is the most important tip for this context. Because renting a small dumpster can be costly in most of the cases. Therefore for being on the safe side, rent a dumpster slightly bigger than what you think can accommodate the trash. Most times, it can only cost a little more dollars than the smaller option, but it can eat up a lot more waste. On the other hand, if you rent a small dumpster, you might be picking up the phone to rent in another one to get the job done. So it is much cheaper to rent a large size dumpster.

2. Company policies 

Every dumpster rental company have their policies regarding overage charges and what makes the cost up. Some might charge you for loading extra weight and others for loading prohibited items. Therefore to avoid the hassle of extra charges, read and try to fully understand the company policies regarding overage costs.

3. Sometimes rain can cause the pain

Wet debris can weigh far more than the dry one, especially the one that soaks in the water. When wet, the dry debris can weigh up to more than twice or thrice the original weight. If there is a rain or high precipitation forecast, be ready with large sheets to cover the dumpster.

If you do not want to pay those extra charges, then rent a dumpster with us. Call Waste Solutions USA on 832-808-4755 and have a happy rental.

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