Difference Between Roll Off & Front Load Dumpster

Did you know there are two main categories of dumpsters? Yes, roll-off dumpsters and front-load dumpsters are two different kinds — from size to cost to transportation; there are a number of differences between both. Carry on reading to know how these two differ!

Roll Off & Front Load Dumpster — What Are They?

First, let us discuss what the two kinds of dumpsters are. A roll-off dumpster is carried by a hauling truck with a hydraulic system, which “rolls” off the dumpster onto the ground. Moreover, it has wheels that make it convenient for the driver to place it on the ground. A large roll-off dumpster is used in construction, renovation, and demolition jobs, while homeowners use small ones for residential cleanup and more.

A front-load dumpster, on the other hand, is more of an everyday container that offers space for disposing of trash. Used at business and residential complexes, a garbage truck with hydraulic arms lifts and empties the front load dumpster. Moreover, front-load dumpsters are composed of plastic and steel, and many contain wheels.

Roll-Off Dumpster Uses

The difference between roll-off and front-load dumpsters also lies in the purpose both are used. Therefore, here are some uses of roll-off dumpsters:

      • Construction & Demolition Jobs: Since they’re used for bulky waste, roll-off dumpsters are usually found at new construction, demolition jobs, and more. Be it building material, concrete, metal, wood, or any other waste; they get the job done.
      • Big Cleanup Projects & Home Improvement: If you have a home DIY job like kitchen remodeling, wall removal, etc., or you need to declutter a significant amount of household junk — roll-off dumpsters are what you need.
      • Yard Waste Disposal: Believe it or not, removing branches, shrubs, and even a crumbling retaining wall becomes easier with a roll-off dumpster.
      • Special Events Waste Removal: Whether you have a concert, festival, charity event, or any other special gathering, you will need a medium to manage the substantial amount of trash. Roll-off dumpsters can be used, being the most affordable and feasible solution.

Front-Load Dumpster Uses

Front-load dumpsters are comparatively smaller and used for the following purposes:

      • Food Service: Having a dumpster at the back with regular pickups is the best option for restaurants and food services. This is because they dispose of trash daily, which is exactly what front-load dumpsters are used for.
      • Office & Retail Buildings: Both of these businesses deal with paper waste, packaging materials, and more. Therefore, a front-load dumpster helps get rid of both employee and customer trash in a convenient way.
      • Apartment Complex: Front-load dumpsters are usually placed at several locations between apartment buildings.

What’s the Takeaway?

Are you exploring dumpsters for waste disposal? While roll-off dumpsters are used for larger waste, front-load dumpsters are quite helpful when you need to dispose of smaller amounts of trash regularly.

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